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At JamTower, we believe that music is a lot more fun when you can play just about anything that comes to mind. Which is why our sole mission is to help musicians unlock and master the beautiful language of music. Everyone in our company is passionate about this mission simply because we are all musicians here.

Like any other serious subject, music is not without it's theory. And while music theory is well documented in books and on the internet — it is still difficult to comprehend and even harder to use in practice. This is where JamTower comes in. Our products help musicians make the core concepts of music theory second nature. We do it by coaching skills that will be used again and again, be it during composition time, at a rehearsal, or during a performance.

Open up doors to your successful future in music! Start training with JamTower now to see the results right away!

At JamTower You Get:

  • Free professional assistance from real musicians
  • Unique programs from a single development company
  • Tried-and-true learning techniques
  • Secure & convenient usage
  • Absence of obtrusive advertising

At JamTower we help musicians all over the world to master their music skills. Be the next to open up your talent!


How will I benefit from using Absolute Pitch Trainer?

You will benefit by developing a skill called Absolute Pitch, also known as Perfect Pitch. With this skill set, you will be able to recognize the notes that you are hearing. Armed with Absolute Pitch, you will be able to do things that previously could not be done. For example, you will be able to write down a melody you hear in notes, otherwise known as melodic dictation. You will also be able to determine a tunes key on the fly. And last but not least, you will be able to play by ear as naturally as you sing – without thinking about progression or other music theory arithmetic.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You will start noticing results right away. Absolute Pitch Trainer tracks your progress so that you always see yourself improving. The learning curve is very individual. For most people, the process is not linear. In other words, there are slopes and valleys along the way. The key with learning Absolute Pitch is regular practice and patience. In time you will be able to name any notes you hear.

Do I have to have any prior music training to use Absolute Pitch Trainer?

Absolute Pitch Trainer is very simple to use; you do not need any prior training. There are no settings or configurations, it’s ready to use out of the box. The program starts you out with a very basic level of difficulty, and as your ear gets better, you get promoted to the next level automatically. You can also promote or demote yourself manually.

May I use my instrument to interface with Absolute Pitch Trainer?

Absolute Pitch Trainer supports MIDI via USB, which means that you can use your MIDI device with the program for input. You can also use the built in graphical piano control or the graphical guitar control for input. As a matter of fact, there are two versions of Absolute Pitch Trainer available, for piano, and for guitar. Make sure to get the right version for you.

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Conor, Australia ~ Absolute Pitch Trainer

You made my skills grow up a lot in the last months. The pitch test shows perfect result. The teacher in my music school also got interested in your app because it worked with me and could help many others.

Eliza, Sweden ~ Absolute Pitch Trainer

I’m on Level G now working on my relative pitch. And I will definitely keep on practicing daily because I see quite a good progress. My highest recommendations!

Stefan, Germany ~ Absolute Pitch Trainer

Awesome exercises! I practice half an hour daily for 3 weeks, and now I believe that I could develop perfect pitch if I keep on practicing regularly.

Paul, USA ~ Absolute Pitch Trainer

Developing perfect pitch with this app is fun. It takes me about 5 minutes to complete one level. Soon I’m taking a pitch test to evaluate the result, hope to get high scores.